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IT Resources

Useful IT guides, reports and videos to help your business

IT Guides, Resources & Videos

Whether you need help with your Business IT planning, Office 365, or you just want to check out the latest reports on current IT trends, we’ve gathered together some useful guides and resources you may find helpful…
Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider

Finding the right IT Support Partner shouldn’t have to be difficult. At Dragon IS we support new clients carefully through each of the key stages of the technology transfer. Our White Paper will guide you on your journey.

Switching IT Support?

Our guide on selecting a new managed service provider, or IT support company, is a great resource for businesses just starting their search. It covers everything from the benefits of proactive IT support to helpful tips on finding a proactive IT support provider.

GDPR Insight
What is GDPR?

To make sure you don’t fall foul of the new law, we’ve put together a handy guide that explains GDPR in a nutshell. From personal data to cookie policies, you’ll be able to find out everything that you need to know about GDPR.

Business IT Resources
Guide To Office 365 for Business

With Office 365 you can make technology a business advantage. Download our free guide to the business tools and email solutions that can help your company be more productive and achieve your business goals.

Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs
Guide To Cyber Security For SMBs

From defining your digital footprint, through to implementing best practice and regular data back-ups. Our Cyber Security guide outlines the steps and processes you should take to protect your business.

Cyber Essentials

Our Cyber Essentials guide covers all the nitty gritty of the accreditation and how Cyber Essentials could help you protect your company from cybercrime in one handy PDF.

Guide to IT & Productivity

A broken printer, computer virus or network crash can waste your staff’s time… and your money! This guides is about how IT steals your staff’s time and productivity, and how to prevent 99% of IT problems before they happen.

Guide to cloud computing
Guide to cloud computing

As experts in cloud computing, you can trust us to hold your hand through the whole process and answer any questions honestly. We’ve written a guide that tells you everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.

Is it time to upgrade your IT system?

Is your current IT system more than 3 years old? Then it may need updating. Out-dated IT systems can affect your productivity and data security. Our guide shows you how to spot the signs your IT setup is getting too old and needs to be reviewed.

How to find proactive IT Support
Email security tips
What is the GDPR?
How to boost your GDPR compliance
GDPR basics and what you need to know
Introduction To Dragon IS – How we help businesses with their IT
What your business needs to know about cloud computing
Guide To Cyber Security
Is your current IT system more than 3 years old? Then it may need updating.
How IT steals your staff’s time and productivity
How Office 365 can help with your Disaster Recovery & Back-up planning
How Office 365 can help teams work & grow easier
How Office 365 can help teams collaborate and work better together
Client Experience: Domus Nova
Client Experience: B4 Parking
The Trade Guide To Office 365

Office 365 is built for your business. See how it can work for you…

10 Step Guide To Cyber Security

Discover the 10 simple steps that all businesses can take towards reducing cyber crime risk…

Cyber Security How-To Guide For SMBs

We outline the steps and processes to protect your business…

5 Steps to Better Email Security

Discover the bulletproof strategies to address threats from incoming and outgoing emails…

Choosing a Managed Service Provider?

Here’s a checklist of essential questions to help you choose the right IT company.

What is the GDPR?

From personal data to cookie policies, find out everything that you need to know about GDPR.