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Cyber Security Guide for SMBs

From the hacking during the US elections and mass data thefts from huge organisations like Yahoo, Talk Talk and Tesco Bank, the threat of cyber attacks on business have never been greater.

Many businesses in the UK are putting off making necessary improvements to their Cyber Security until it is too late. A report by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in 2016 found that 66% of small businesses were victim of cyber crime in the last two years and that these attacks have cost businesses £5.2 billion in revenue.

For a small business, cyber security can appear to be an extra resources that doesn’t give you any tangible returns on investment. But while the FSB’s report shows that 93% of businesses have basic security measures in place, far fewer achieve the governments recommended safety standards or even have a cyber security crisis plan in place.

If you feel like it’s time to address your business’s IT security and develop your security plan, we can help…

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Understand your digital landscape

Before embarking on your Cyber security plan you need to get a full understanding of your business’s digital footprint and environment.

Think of your digital landscape in terms of a river valley with a stream, tributaries and pools flowing through it. By doing this you can start to build a picture of your data flow and how it flows through this landscape. Where does it flow through? Where is it worked on? Where is it stored? How do your customers interact with data? Whose data do they interact with? What are you doing in terms of safekeeping and handling that data?

At Dragon IS we can help you understand the flow of your digital landscape: the start and end points of your business data flow and the full data lifecycle. With this information we can advise you on the appropriate security actions and software you need to set up and install to close any potential holes.

The Cyber Security Guide

We can help you define your digital footprint and implement security best practice and regular data back-ups. Our guide outlines the steps and processes to protect your business.

Watch the video or download your free copy as a PDF below:

Invest in reliable protection systems

There are many simple and cost-effective solutions that SMBs can invest in to quickly improve their IT security.

Installing, using and regularly update antivirus and antispyware software on every computer used in your business is a must. Introducing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Gateway with content monitoring at the perimeter of your network will also help to stop a cyber attack before any viruses can get to your servers or machines.

If your employees regularly work remotely on company mobile devices, laptops or smartphones, encryption technology and mobile device management with two-step authentication is essential in the event they get lost or stolen.

And if the worst should happen? You will certainly need a reliable back-up system to make frequent backup copies of your important business data and information to ensure that you can get your business back up and running with the least amount of downtime.

Make Cyber Security a part of your company policy

Cyber security is not just about the steps you take with your IT systems, it is also about the processes and policies you implement in your workplace. How employees use their computers and what they use them for is for the discretion of the business owner. If you are happy for your employees to do their online shopping or banking during a lunch break you need to set the terms of use clearly.

Train your employees in cyber security principles and make sure they are aware of the types of cyber crime most commonly affecting small businesses such as phishing emails, spear phishing emails, ransomeware and malware attacks.

Write a guide for your staff about how and what they can use their mobile devices and computers for will help to establish your Internet Usage Policy. Checking usage every now and again is also a good modern business practice.

Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs

Looking For Cyber Security Support?

If you don’t currently have the in-house resources or skills to manage your cyber security, bringing in an outside expert like Dragon IS is most cost-effective path to a secure network. We can test your computer systems and make the security recommendations you need to take to reduce your risk of falling victim to a cyber attack.

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