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Cyberattacks against small businesses are becoming increasingly aggressive, more sophisticated and far more common than anyone would like to admit.

In fact, statistics show that around 10,000 cyberattacks are aimed at small and medium sized businesses every day.

With businesses also facing stricter obligations under GDPR for ensuring data is processed and held appropriately, robust and secure IT systems are a vital first defence.

Employee training is another important piece in the puzzle and in tandem with bolstering the security of your IT systems, will help you avoid infection from malicious software and safeguard the sensitive information your business holds.

Talk to our expert team, for advice on appropriate security measures for your business and how to limit the impact of threats to your organisation.

IT systems are a vital first defence.

Dragon helps protect businesses from security threats through:

  • Help to secure your systems and develop robust practices
  • Updates on the latest cybersecurity threats
  • Education and support for your teams to minimise cybersecurity risks
  • Data recovery and backup should the worst happen
  • Support you to gain Cyber Essentials/Pro accreditation
  • Security software solutions


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