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Boost your productivity, creativity, and efficiency with Microsoft Copilot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the single most exciting advancement of the 21st century and with the launch of Microsoft Copilot, businesses can now quickly and easily reap the benefits for their everyday operations.

Whether it’s aiding productivity, driving efficiency, optimising revenue streams or elevating the customer experience, Copilot could help your business gain a competitive edge.

The friendly and helpful text-driven AI assistant is available to any business with a Microsoft 365 subscription and can assist with tasks across the full Microsoft 365 suite.

  • Need to turn a report into a Powerpoint presentation?
  • Have some customer letters to draft?
  • Want a concise summary of a Teams meeting?

With Copilot, the opportunities are endless.

In addition, Copilot will learn from your previous interactions and preferences to provide tailored and context-aware suggestions that match your tone, style, and goals.

Here at Dragon, we can help your business capitalise on the many benefits of AI and Copilot, supporting you with its implementation and walking you through its use, step by step, to ensure you are getting the most from of it.

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Copilot for Microsoft 365

Ways Copilot could help you:

  • Writing professional and personalised emails in Outlook
  • Summarising meeting outcomes and action items in Teams
  • Analysing and exploring data in Excel
  • Creating and formatting documents in Word
  • Designing and presenting slides in PowerPoint
  • And much more!

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