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Domus Nova

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Estate Agency Domus Nova move to Cloud Services and future proofing their business IT networks.

Domus Nova are an independent estate agency specialising in luxury properties with offices based in Notting Hill and Bayswater, West London. They came to Dragon IS with a goal to modernise their IT and communication networks by moving onto a cloud based system that would grow organically with their business.


Domus Nova had grown from two to 30 people over 12 years and the needs of their business and technology had changed dramatically in that time. When they approached Dragon IS they had reached a point where they needed to find a more efficient system to their archaic hardware servers which were no longer fit for purpose.

The problems they were facing and areas that needed to be addressed were:

  • High IT support and hardware costs
  • High people and time costs
  • Extra demands placed on staff to physically manage the on site IT network
  • Weak security against competitive sabotage or network attacks
  • Expensive telephone support contract

Domus Nova required a holistic overview of their entire current IT i and communications infrastructure to make it more seamless, more secure, requiring less bandwidth and lower costs.

“Our IT can now be managed remotely and it’s greatly reduced the burden on the business to allow us to function more easily.”

Cloud computing makes sound business sense for small and medium sized business. Lowering overheads and streamlining the way data is stored means less hassle and lower costs.

Changing IT service provider can be a major concern. Our on boarding process ensures we anticipate our customers every need to make any move successful and trouble free.

Strategic IT Systems Review

At Dragon we have a very strategic boarding process which involves sitting down with all new customers and gaining an insight into how the company works and carrying out an environmental analysis of their IT systems. This process was absolutely key to the Domus Nova project.

An holistic review of Domus Nova’s enabled us to understand exactly what they had in place at the time, and what their short, medium and long term goals were. At the time we joined Domus Nova they were intending to grow the business over the next 2 years and with this information we were able to forward a series of proposals with their future business plans in mind.

The benefits of moving to the cloud for Domus Nova have been considerable:

  • Over 40% cost savings on IT and communication costs within 2 years
  • Business future-proofed for the next 3 to 5 years
  • Time and people costs greatly reduced
  • Stronger security against potential cyber attacks
  • Overall reduction of IT downtime

Solution: Moving to the Cloud

We implemented a revolutionary Cisco Meraki cloud managed wireless system and streamlined Domus Nova’s network by re-organising the way they way their servers were used and they way they shared data between their sites. Used in partnership with Dragon IS’s proactive monitoring systems and remote support we can now diagnose and fix issues on their servers remotely and instantly. This has dramatically reduced the amount of engineering time required on site as well as their support bill.

In consultation with their existing telephony provider, we also moved the company over to a full Voiceover IP system making further cost savings.

With their longer term business goals in mind, we built a modular system for Domus Nova with fixed set up costs and support fees. This allows their IT needs to be seamlessly scaled up if they want to open a new branch and to easily project any IT infrastructure costs into their future plans.

Why move to The Cloud?

Moving to the cloud has many benefits:

  • Fast & reliable connections
  • Secure Cloud infrastructure
  • Remote monitoring systems and support
  • No hardware costs
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability

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