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The Dragon IS Approach to IT Support

Dragon Information Systems are a Milton Keynes based IT support business, delivering high quality and proactive IT and technology services to SME’s

There are a lot of clever computer engineers and IT support technicians around and at Dragon IS we have our fair share. What we also have, that many don’t seem to, is a ‘can do’ attitude and a focus on your IT needs as our customer.

We will ensure that you have the computer support and the IT support contract that’s appropriate for your business and your needs. And it’s an obligation we take seriously. Not everybody needs the latest gadget or a zillion gigabit system, but everybody needs a computer system that does what it’s supposed to do, when it’s supposed to do it and support when they need it. That’s what we deliver.

“In February 2020, prior to Covid-19 lockdown I contacted Dragon to ensure we were ready for remote working. The answer from Lionel was an emphatic yes, and when it came to the office being moth balled with the team home starting to work from home, it’s was just a question of plug and play. Lionel even personally delivered a printer to Roger’s house to ensure he could still print out accounts for clients! The dragon helpdesk continues to operate without fault and the team have been there to assist with the usual day-to-date issues that crop up every now and again.”

Roger Eddowes - Essendon Accounts and Tax

“Dragon IS are honest, their support is brilliant and they are very proactive. They are one of the best IT support companies I have ever dealt with.”

Emma Hyland - Hollywood Monster

“They are an excellent company to work with and we trust them implicitly.”

Alan Chatham - Chatham Billingham, B4 Parking

“I can’t really fault them in any way. Every step of the way they have delivered, they do what they say and they make it simple.”

Arnaud Cheung - Domus Nova

“The customer service that we get from the team is absolutely second to none. I would never move, I would never change supplier. It is an absolutely superb service.”

Vivienne Edwards - 36 Bedford Row

Why Choose Dragon IS as Your IT Support Partner?

Your IT systems should be robust enough and appropriate to help you day in and day out. It is our objective to make sure your IT supports your aims and objectives, not hinders them.

Solve business challenges

Solve business challenges

Increase revenue, improve efficiency, reduce costs.

Faster Response to IT Support Issues

Faster Response to IT Support Issues

Fully Outsourced IT Support. Available via our helpdesk or over email 24/7.


Technology Aligned to Your Business

Technology Aligned to Your Business

Technology solutions to help you achieve business goals.


IT Strategy & Planning

IT Strategy & Planning

Ensuring your IT meets your business roadmap for the upcoming years.

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Forward Thinking IT Solutions for Business

Dragon IS was founded by Lionel Naidoo and Simon Wright.

Lionel and Simon’s mission was to form an IT consultancy and support service that would deliver the highest quality IT and technology services to small and medium sized businesses looking for IT support that serves them well into the future and enhances their business performance.

Over recent years, Dragon IS have built a forward-thinking IT company that provides proactive IT support and top-notch customer service to our clients in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas; offering them new, innovative and easy-to-implement solutions that are relevant for their business, and which will make their day-to-day lives that little bit simpler.

“We believe in delivering the highest quality IT support and solutions through a team of qualified and professionally experienced engineers. Providing a personal service, building relationships and being at the end of a phone without you having to pass through a call centre or automated telephone system.”

Lionel Naidoo, MD

Computer help

How We Work With You

Whether you need remote monitoring and remote IT support or it’s necessary to have a computer engineer visit you onsite, your IT support contract should reflect the needs of your business. It should be able to deliver all you need to keep your business running smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

Your IT Support Service contract should be free of ‘small print’ and be totally transparent in its pricing structure without hidden charges. If you need advice and guidance or even a procurement service, your contract should cover it. The bottom line is;

  • What IT support contract does your business need to keep trading?
  • What IT support contract do you need to make your life easier?
  • What IT support contract will minimise disruption and get you up and running again when the inevitable happens?

Answer these questions and we’ll ensure you get exactly what you, and your business, needs. Our free white paper on choosing a managed IT service provider will help you answer these questions and guide you on your journey.

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