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Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider

Are you considering investing in Managed IT Services or changing your current
IT partner?

Like many things in life, your business model needs to continually adapt as the market changes.

Whether you’re looking to fill a skills gap and free up resources or you’re facing recurring IT problems with your existing managed services provider, you shouldn’t be scared to change the way you work or who you work with.

Finding the right IT Support Partner shouldn’t have to be a long and onerous task, and why at Dragon IS our on-boarding approach is designed to support new clients carefully through each of the key stages of the technology transfer.

We’ve put together a White Paper to guide you on your journey.

Our free guide shows you:

  • How your organisation can work smarter with technology
  • How proactive IT support can add real value to your business
  • How Dragon IS supports clients through the key stages of technology change
  • A checklist of essential questions to help you choose the right IT company

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“In February 2020, prior to Covid-19 lockdown I contacted Dragon to ensure we were ready for remote working. The answer from Lionel was an emphatic yes, and when it came to the office being moth balled with the team home starting to work from home, it’s was just a question of plug and play. Lionel even personally delivered a printer to Roger’s house to ensure he could still print out accounts for clients! The dragon helpdesk continues to operate without fault and the team have been there to assist with the usual day-to-date issues that crop up every now and again.”

Roger Eddowes - Essendon Accounts and Tax

“Dragon IS are honest, their support is brilliant and they are very proactive. They are one of the best IT support companies I have ever dealt with.”

Emma Hyland - Hollywood Monster

“They are an excellent company to work with and we trust them implicitly.”

Alan Chatham - Chatham Billingham, B4 Parking

“I can’t really fault them in any way. Every step of the way they have delivered, they do what they say and they make it simple.”

Arnaud Cheung - Domus Nova

“The customer service that we get from the team is absolutely second to none. I would never move, I would never change supplier. It is an absolutely superb service.”

Vivienne Edwards - 36 Bedford Row

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