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Advances in technology and the shift to ‘going digital’ present many opportunities but also many challenges for trade associations and charitable trusts.

From aiding efficiency, remote access and collaborative working, to streamlining processes, there are many important benefits. But there are also considerations to be made when it comes to managing sensitive data and the growing cybersecurity threat.

Trade associations and charitable trusts often hold data on individuals at the heart of their knowledge base and this raises some important questions, in particular regarding how data is stored and accessed.

With more than 10 years’ experience providing and maintaining IT systems and processes, Dragon is the ideal partner to help you overcome such challenges.

We will work with you to create compliant systems that not only meet data protection regulations, but which help your teams work smarter. And we can be there whenever you need us, with ongoing helpdesk and site support to keep things running smoothly.

Dragon offers a range of tailored IT support services, including:

  • Data security and compliance
  • Robust email archiving
  • Application integration
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Helpdesk and ongoing support

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