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Cloud Telephony

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It’s time to capitalise on the many benefits of flexible and efficient cloud telephony.

A professional and reliable communication system sits at the heart of any successful company. Whether it’s picking up the phone to a new business enquiry, managing calls from existing customers, or collaborating with colleagues, every conversation counts.

Ambitious modern companies need a solution that is designed to meet their evolving needs. This is especially true with many companies now shifting to fully remote or hybrid working patterns, meaning team members are no longer tied to a desk in the office.

Which is where a cloud-based phone system comes in.

Such systems are designed to easily scale alongside your growing business, supporting team members to work anywhere, while still giving them the advanced functionality and capabilities they need to provide the highest level of professionalism.

At Dragon, we help businesses make the move to cloud-based telephony, seeing them reap the benefits of such technology to boost their efficiency and productivity by up to 30%.

The future is calling – and it’s the cloud.

Designed to easily scale alongside your growing business

Benefits of cloud telephony for growing businesses:

  • Integrated voice, chat and video in a single solution
  • Easily accessible via any web browser
  • A phone system that is no longer limited to your office desk
  • Keep workers connected anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Ideal for the hybrid workforce
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your business needs
  • One simple monthly cost


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