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Essendon Accounts

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Providing secure and scalable IT solution for growing accountancy practice.

Essendon Accounts, based in Milton Keyes, specialises in providing personalised accounting solutions for individuals, SMEs and growing businesses across the UK. Dragon has worked with the company to build a secure and scalable IT solution that supports hybrid working and disaster recovery.


Dragon IS has worked with the team at Essendon Accounts for more than six years, managing all of the company’s IT requirements, including providing consultancy, technical support and data back-ups.
For Essendon, outsourcing its IT requirements to Dragon was a natural choice with both companies sharing similar values and a people-centric work ethic.

Specific IT requirements:

  • Secure IT system that supports remote/hybrid working
  • Disaster recovery and back-ups
  • Access to helpdesk when needed
  • A cost-effective, scalable IT solution
  • A system that integrates with evolving accounting software
  • Cyber Essentials

Our Solution

Dragon began by reviewing Essendon’s existing IT infrastructure and advising on appropriate changes and enhancements.

Team members can now work remotely, including from client offices, with secure access to all the systems they need. The IT system also fully integrates with existing accounting software, ensuring Essendon’s own structures keep pace with any advances being made. At the same time, it is designed to scale as the company grows, allowing new employees to quickly and easily be added.

Offsite data back-ups provide the team with complete peace of mind that in an emergency, it will always be business as usual. And in the event of any issues, Essendon can contact Dragon’s helpdesk for expert support, which further minimises any potential downtime.

In addition, working with Dragon supports Essendon’s commitment to move to a paperless office and its broader sustainability goals, which already sees the company planting a tree for every tax return produced.

“What impressed us most about the team at Dragon is their communication and ability to explain complex, technical subjects in an understandable way. They are very approachable and took the time to really understand our needs before advising on the best strategy for us. We don’t have to worry about our IT, we know it’s in safe hands.

Roger Eddowes, Founding Partner

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