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We’re offering a FREE IT ASSESSMENT to help your business understand its IT needs

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Outsourcing your IT can be a highly cost-effective option for small and medium sized businesses.

It can do away with the costs and pressures of recruitment, plus you never have to think about employee absences or any other employment benefits that would otherwise come at a cost.

At Dragon, we have extensive experience of successfully working with in-house resources and also taking on full accountability for IT performance.

You’ll find our knowledgeable team of experienced professionals are always up to date on today’s systems and software, helping you avoid threats and supporting your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Making the complex simple is what we do best. We love delivering exceptional support and solutions for our customers and you’ll find that is reflected through the quality of the partnerships we build.

Making the complex simple is what we do best.

Companies who find outsourcing their IT particularly cost-effective:

  • SMEs – growing companies which are still in their infancy and establishing commercial IT systems for the very first time
  • Small businesses – that lack the office space or financial resource to accommodate an in-house IT team
  • Established organisations – which have grown beyond the capabilities of their existing IT infrastructure or in-house team
  • Companies which handle sensitive consumer data – and are at increased risk from cyber attacks
  • Ecommerce businesses which sell to consumers – for them any downtime can prove very costly
  • Larger firms – looking to supplement an in-house IT team with strategic outsourced support


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IT outsourcing should be easy, flexible and accessible. We’re offering a FREE ASSESSMENT to help your business understand its IT needs and health.

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