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Technology Consultancy

We’re offering a FREE IT ASSESSMENT to help your business understand its IT needs

Giving your business a competitive edge…

The right technology can help streamline business tasks, make it simpler for clients to use your company, provide strategic management information and overall give you a competitive edge.

At Dragon we don’t just supply and manage IT systems, we can work with you to provide strategic advice and services, designed to support you in achieving your business goals.

We are passionate about technology but importantly know how best to apply it to optimise core business operations.

This may involve a wide range of solutions, from making it easy for your staff to share data wherever they need it, to support on data security, deploying super-fast storage, networks and cloud solutions, or implementing products from big-name vendors.

The best solution for your business is likely to be a combination of measures that together form a strong and coherent IT strategy for your business moving forward.

Our consultancy services are suitable for any small and medium sized business in a wide range of industries, including legal, property, professional bodies and finance.

We are passionate about technology but importantly know how best to apply it to optimise core business operations.

Our specialist IT consultancy can help with:

  • Enabling cross-branch data sharing so that your staff can easily access data whenever and wherever they need it
  • Implementing products from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Dell and HP
  • Local and cloud-based archiving solutions for email, database and file data
  • Support on data security and compliance to help you achieve Cyber Security accreditation and GDPR compliance
  • Flexible remote working environments that are secure and scalable
  • Super-fast storage, servers and networks aligned to your workload requirements
  • Virtualisation using VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V technologies, which also works in conjunction with our back-up and disaster recovery solutions to keep hardware costs down
  • Cloud services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, including migrations to the cloud and SharePoint consultancy


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IT outsourcing should be easy, flexible and accessible. We’re offering a FREE ASSESSMENT with no-obligation to help your business understand its IT needs and health.

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