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How to find a Proactive IT Support Provider

You don’t want an IT support company that fixes problems. You want a partner that prevents them.

“Why don’t we see you and your staff as much as we used to?”

If you’re asking this question of your managed service provider or IT support company, this is a good thing! It indicates that they are investing in proactive, rather than reactive, work. Business is all about building good relationships, and the best IT support providers understand the importance of looking after customers. But the truth is, you shouldn’t see enough of us to become the best of buddies.

Nowadays, businesses rely on robust IT systems that let them perform complex tasks and communicate with people globally from computers or mobile devices. This means that any downtime is immensely costly. In 2016, downtime cost UK businesses more than £7 billion!

Proactive IT support is essential to today’s businesses. Rather than only responding to technical issues once they’ve occurred, IT providers should constantly monitor, maintain and update your IT systems to ensure that any potential issues are identified and prevented – meaning your business has fewer interruptions, less downtime and greater productivity.

A proactive IT support provider

Choosing a proactive IT support provider has huge benefits in terms of costs, efficiency and productivity.

Reactive IT support is clunky, costly and time-consuming, as it focuses on fixing specific issues and often requires a lot of time to identify the root of the problem. Proactive IT support looks at the bigger picture and takes a holistic approach to IT infrastructures – preventing issues through regular checks and constant monitoring for glitches and breaches.

Taking a proactive approach to IT offers further benefits for your business, including better decision making, budgeting, strategy, security, disaster recovery, morale and productivity.

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How to find a new IT support provider

Our new video on selecting a new managed service provider, or IT support company, is a great resource for businesses just starting their search. It covers everything from the benefits of proactive IT support to helpful tips on recognising a proactive IT support provider. Watch here…

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