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Newport Pagnell Town FC

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Dragon IS provide specialist IT support and high tech equipment to “inform and improve” coaching sessions.

As a company and individually, we have always been interested and involved in our local community. When we were approached by our local football club with a request to assist them with their IT needs, we wanted to help.


Newport Pagnell Town Football Club have big ambitions to move up into the higher leagues and to achieve this the coaches needed to be able to revisit and teach from their games. They wanted to have the necessary video and editing equipment to record their sessions – matches as well as practice.

“This really has made an aspiration become a reality for us”

IT and equipment to support the development of young players through recorded match playback and “inform and improve” coaching sessions.

A custom-built IT package that is more than capable of transferring and editing 4K video for media and publishing.

Achieving Winning Results with IT

To achieve the quality and capacity required to enable coaching teams to capture live action and transfer raw video to useable footage for training purposes and match analysis we provide the Club with the necessary IT support and high specification computer equipment.

Dragon IS put together a custom-built IT package capable of providing the level of video editing required, including:

  • A workstation for editing 4K video for media and publishing
  • Software capable of manipulating video streams from GoPro cameras
  • Editing software to create video highlights and media
  • Antivirus and security software to protect the hardware and the club’s data.
  • IT support including remote monitoring and maintenance

The equipment we supplied more than exceeds the requirements of NPTFC and our support for the club ensures they always have the most robust equipment at their finger tips.

Take a look at the video of the Swans playing MK Dons below to so see how their new set-up is already making a huge difference…

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