Changing your IT provider

3 Ways Changing Your IT Provider Can Benefit Your Business

For a lot of companies, outsourcing their IT support is just a logical way of doing business. It means that they can focus on developing and growing the company, while an expert team ensures they have reliable IT foundations in place to operate smoothly.

This makes perfect sense – the only problem is that many businesses choose their IT provider and then stick with them no matter what, even if their needs are not being met.

Companies shouldn’t just stay put because it’s what they know; rather, they deserve an IT provider that will help them adapt with the times and meet the ever-increasing IT demands of modern businesses.

If you are stuck in a rut with an IT provider that is not going above and beyond, here are three ways that mixing things up could truly benefit your company…

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1 – Get a fresh perspective on your IT needs

The world of IT is always changing: new technology is constantly being developed, security requirements frequently need updating, and usage demands are always going up. Naturally, your business needs are also evolving, and the IT provider you hired say five years ago may not necessarily offer solutions that are in line with these. At Dragon IS, on the other hand, we thrive off presenting our clients with new, innovative and easy-to-implement ideas that are relevant for their business, and which will make their day-to-day lives that bit simpler.

2 – Ensure you’re not paying over the odds for your IT support

Sometimes, if businesses have grown comfortable with their current provider, they may not realise if they are being charged an unfair rate for IT services. Some IT providers can also convince businesses to invest in expensive solutions that, more often than not, they don’t actually need. At Dragon IS, we tailor your IT support to your exact business needs, and will always ensure a fair, honest rate for our services.

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3 – Find an IT provider that fits in with your business

You shouldn’t settle for an IT support company that is slow, inefficient or has bad customer service. Your business needs to be able to run smoothly at all times, as any downtime can significantly affect your bottom line. By trying out new IT providers, you can find support that works perfectly around your unique business requirements.

Here at Dragon IS, we build our IT support offering around you. We will carry out a free IT assessment to evaluate the suitability of your current IT infrastructure and systems, and make sure our solutions are ideally suited to your business needs.

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