What is the dark web

Quick guide to the dark web for small businesses

Cybercrime is on the rise and something that is often spoken about in relation to such activity is the ‘dark web’. In the case of data breaches and leaks, a lot of stolen data – including email addresses, passwords and bank account details – can find its way onto the dark web, where it may […]

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Business emails

Is it the end for business emails?

Could business communications of the future look very different to what we see today? Here we take a closer look at why the days of businesses using email may be numbered and what the current alternatives are.

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small business technology

How technology is helping small businesses level-up

For small businesses, technology can be a game-changer, allowing them to close the gap and entice customers away from larger, better known brands. Here are just some of the ways technology is helping small businesses to level-up.

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Crypton currency for small businesses

Quick guide to cryptocurrencies for small businesses

We’ve taken a closer look at everything SMEs need to think about when it comes to accepting digital currency, including the key pros and cons.

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Top tech trends 2022

Top tech trends to look out for in 2022

What are the top technology trends we’re likely to see in 2022? And how might they impact on businesses? Here are our predictions.

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cybersecurity resolutions

2022 Cybersecurity Resolutions for SMEs

Cybersecurity is one area no small business can afford to overlook. Here are 7 resolutions to adopt in 2022.

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social engineering - spotting the warning signs

Helping employees spot the signs of social engineering

Social engineering is a method increasingly being used by cybercriminals. But what is it? And how can you help your employees spot the warning signs?

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Lionel Naidoo - Dragon IS

Meet Dragon’s founder – Lionel

Meet Lionel, founder of Dragon IS. Here, he reveals all about why he decided to start the company, where his passion for technology came from and what the future has in store for Dragon IS.

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employee cybersecurity training

Employee cybersecurity training tips for SMEs

What do small businesses need to think about when it comes to employee cybersecurity training?

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cyber security

Preventing human error causing a cyber attack at your business

If you’ve ever opened an email pertaining to be from a known business contact, only to discover it was in fact a phishing scam, you’re not alone. Cyber attacks are on the rise. In 2020, 85% of incidents occurred as a result of human error, as captured in Verizon’s 2021 Small & medium Business Data […]

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