The Future of Tech: Our Predictions

How will the technology of the future change the way we do business in 2050? Dragon IS Managing Director Lionel Naidoo shares his predictions…

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New IT Solution

Common Misconceptions About Cyber Security in Small Businesses

Your small business is more hackable than you realise. Here are some common misconceptions that could be putting your business at risk…

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Dragon IS Kicks Off New Sponsorship

Dragon Information Systems Ltd and Newport Pagnell Town Football Club are proud to announce their brand-new partnership. The new club sponsors are delighted to announce support for all…

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Are You Aware That Email Security is Your New Headache?

Remember when we used to do all our business face to face or over the phone? Thanks to the wonderful invention that we know as the internet, those days are long gone. We can now communicate with hundreds of people every day from the comfort of our desks, just by pressing a few buttons. We [...] Read more

How Safe is Your Password?

Password security is vital to prevent fraud and data loss via hackers so make sure you follow our 7 rules for making your password secure.

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Tech Trends 2018

Top Technology Predictions For 2018

Lionel Naidoo – Dragon IS’s Managing Director – rounds up his top five technology trends that are set to shape commercial investment for the year ahead.

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Helpful productivity tools

Eight Of The Most Helpful Productivity Tools From 2017

Time is not an easy thing to find in today’s fast-paced business world, which is why apps and tools that save time and boost productivity have become so popular. With the New Year on the horizon, we look back on eight of the most talked-about productivity tools of 2017.

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Office 365 Business

Why Buy A Microsoft Office Subscription?

From 13th October 2020, Microsoft Office users will have to purchase a subscription to access Office 365. What does this mean for your business?

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Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs

What can you do to protect your business from Ransomware attacks?

It’s likely that hackers will soon find new ways to mutate the WannaCry virus, so how can small firms protect themselves against future attacks?

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Top Technology Trends 2017

The Top Technology Trends for 2017

Dragon IS Managing Director Lionel Naidoo rounds up his Top 7 Technology Trends for 2017…

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