Is it time to ditch passwords for biometrics?

Are passwords dead? We know they’re a top target for hackers but do biometrics really offer a valid solution? Here we take a closer look. Microsoft recently announced its ambitions to move away from passwords and towards biometric security for identification and authentication. 90% of the company’s 135,000-strong workforce can now reportedly log into the […]

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Legal sector

Barristers’ chambers: Digitalisation and the cybersecurity threat

Whether your barristers’ chambers is an early adopter of technology, or firmly rooted in old-school processes and behaviours, the future for the legal sector is digital. . Understanding cybersecurity risks and having robust systems in place to mitigate them, is therefore vital. Here’s what you need to think about.

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cybersecurity resolutions

Why outsourcing IT can be a gamechanger for growing businesses

Outsourcing IT support services to a specialist, external team can be a highly cost-efficient option for small and growing businesses.

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Scary signs your business has been hacked

Being hacked has the potential to destroy your business and everything you’ve worked towards, it’s no longer about if’ you’re going to be attacked, it’s when.

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