Scary signs your business has been hacked

Huge headline hacks make business owners and managers believe their organisation is too small to be targeted.

But the reality today is that all businesses are being targeted, all the time. Hackers use automated software to look for vulnerabilities everywhere. And when they find them, they will exploit them to either cause damage, or demand cash to release data.

No one is exempt from this type of attack – not even your business – and it’s happening more and more because hackers love ransomware attacks. The threat has become so dangerously high, that it’s estimated that in 2019, attacks like this will cost organisations and businesses £9 billion in damages.

That’s just ransomware attacks. What about data breaches? Data breaches could destroy the trust you have with your client as well as be a GDPR nightmare. There has been a string of high-profile privacy and data breaches recently. In January alone, exactly 1,769,185,063 user records were leaked (that’s 1.7 billion). And the main cause of data breaches is malicious or criminal attacks.

Being hacked tells you that there is weakness in your business’s line of defence. If the first attack hasn’t damaged your business, then you’re very lucky. Look out for the signs in the this guide, if you see them then be sure to strengthen your security so that you’re not vulnerable to future, potentially more damaging attacks.

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Here are 11 signs that show your business could have been hacked and tips on how to prevent it from happening in future.

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