Supercharge Your IT Productivity in 12 weeks

Pick up the IT skills and techniques you need to be more proactive, productive and prepared this autumn with our brand new Power of Productivity email series.

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Passwords, fingerprints and the new lines of defence

Biometrics is big business in the UK. From fingerprints and faces to voices and signatures, individuals and companies alike are looking for more secure alternatives to passwords for accessing their devices and data.

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The Future of Tech: Our Predictions

How will the technology of the future change the way we do business in 2050? Dragon IS Managing Director Lionel Naidoo shares his predictions…

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New IT Solution

Common Misconceptions About Cyber Security in Small Businesses

Your small business is more hackable than you realise. Here are some common misconceptions that could be putting your business at risk…

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Would Your Business Pass or Fail Our 57-Minute Data Security Challenge?

Do you believe your small business’s data security is up to standard? Then we challenge you to take our 57-minute test and see if it’s really that impenetrable!

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benefits of proactive it support

Six Business Benefits of Proactive IT Support

Today’s fast-paced businesses need robust IT systems that experience as little downtime as possible. This is where proactive IT support comes in. Here are just six business benefits of investing in proactive IT support:

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Old school IT provider

Are You Seeing Too Much of Your IT Support Provider?

Do you see your IT support provider every time something goes wrong with your computer systems? If so, it’s probably time to change IT support suppliers…

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GDPR Deadline 25 May 2018

Is Your Business Ready For The GDPR Deadline In May?

Time is running out to get compliant. If your business isn’t fully prepared for the GDPR deadline on 25th May we can help.  From GDPR and data security to your Cyber Essentials, our consultants can take care of it all!

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Boost your GDPR compliance with Microsoft Cloud

Learn all you need to know about GDPR compliance requirements and find the right Microsoft Cloud products for your business in our video…

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Are You Aware That Email Security is Your New Headache?

Remember when we used to do all our business face to face or over the phone? Thanks to the wonderful invention that we know as the internet, those days are long gone. We can now communicate with hundreds of people every day from the comfort of our desks, just by pressing a few buttons. We [...] Read more