Terrifying password stats that show your business is at risk

Huge data breaches continue to happen every single day, how secure is your business?

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Are you prepared for the 2020 problem?

In January 2020 Microsoft is ending the life of some of its most popular products. That presents businesses everywhere with several problems. Are you prepared?

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Is it time to ditch passwords for biometrics?

Are passwords dead? We know they’re a top target for hackers but do biometrics really offer a valid solution? Here we take a closer look. Microsoft recently announced its ambitions to move away from passwords and towards biometric security for identification and authentication. 90% of the company’s 135,000-strong workforce can now reportedly log into the […]

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Scary signs your business has been hacked

Being hacked has the potential to destroy your business and everything you’ve worked towards, it’s no longer about if’ you’re going to be attacked, it’s when.

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How to Win the War Against Hackers

It’s often said that prevention is better than cure, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to IT. Businesses targeted by cyber-crime fall into two camps: those who have prepared and those who haven’t.

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Do I need a company password policy?

Cybercrime is now considered to be one of the single greatest threats to businesses today. New technology has in turn created new opportunities for criminals and an increasing number of risks for organisations of all sizes. At the click of a button – and from anywhere in the world – a bank account can be […]

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Time to update Windows 7

Why you must replace your Windows 7 machines now

In January 2020, Windows 7 will reach the end of its life. We explain why it’s such a problem, and why you mustn’t wait till long to replace your old tech…

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how to spot spear phishing scams

How to Spot Phishing Attacks and Avoid Them

Spotting phishing scams is not always easy, which is exactly how the scammers keep going, but here are some ways to avoid falling prey to phishing attacks.

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top tech trends 2019

The Top Technology Trends for 2019

From the evolution of AI and the introduction of new technologies like 5G and facial recognition, Dragon’s MD Lionel Naidoo rounds up the top technology trends set to make an impact in 2019.

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Why fines and new cyber-threats keep GDPR in the spotlight for 2019

With ICO’s increasing fining activities and a new wave of cyber-threats looming, you need to sort your cyber-security and GDPR compliance for 2019. Get started by downloading with our Special Q&A guide to GDPR.

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