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Data security uncertainty follows EU-US Privacy Shield review

The reaction to a new privacy protection pact between the USA and EU this week could have major ramifications for UK businesses and internet users (especially those using services based in the USA).

The EU-US Privacy Shield agreement is intended to safeguard EU citizens’ personal information when stored in the US and was set to replace the previous EU Safe Harbour agreement. But the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), Giovanni Buttarelli, has claimed the Privacy Shield was “not robust enough.”

The original EU Safe Harbour Agreement had to be scrapped when a privacy campaigner challenged, and won, a case in the EU courts following Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA. Unfortunately it now looks the it’s replacement will require ‘significant improvements’ before an agreement is reached.

The case is an interesting one to watch, especially as we vote to decide on our EU membership. Will we, as the UK, be as successful with negotiating a deal with the US if we leave the EU?

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