EU proposals on connectivty

EU paves the way to better connectivity

An ambitious overhaul of EU telecoms rules was the key focus of EU’s president Jean-Claude Juncker in his State of the Union address.

New initiatives include an ambitious 500 billion euro investment and complete overhaul of EU telecoms rules to meet Europeans’ growing connectivity over the next decade.

The proposals demonstrate how much the EU and the western world really understand the need to treat internet access like a utility rather than just a service.

The plans include:

– 120 million euro investment to provide free wifi to public spaces in cities across Europe.

– Plans to roll out super fast 5G mobile internet coverage to all urban areas as well as along major roads and railways by 2020.

– Give extremely high gigabit connectivity to schools, universities, hospitals, scientific research centres, transport hubs and all public service providers who rely on digital technologies.

– A minimum download speed of at least 100mbps for all European households

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