Is your IT set-up due an upgrade

Five Signs Your IT System Is Past Its Sell-By Date

Nowadays, a company’s IT system is integral to its day-to-day operations. Old, outdated IT is not always able to keep up with the demanding, always-on world that it has to serve. If your current IT setup is more than three years’ old, then it may need updating. Here are five signs that your IT system is out of date and may be affecting your productivity and data security.

1. It cannot update

If your IT cannot update to the latest operating system, then it is at risk of quickly falling behind. Operating systems change at an increasingly frequent pace and render systems that use older versions redundant. Just look at how Apple changes its iPhone system every few years so that older models cannot use the same apps and tools that newer versions can.

2. You’ve experienced a cyber-attack

Experiencing data theft or locking, or receiving suspicious emails, are sure-fire signs that your IT system is out of date and at risk. Older software can be easier to attack as the maker may not provide the same level of security support for it as for its more up-to-date systems.

3. There are bugs in the system

Buggy systems need to be updated and protected with regular cleaning and preventative maintenance. Otherwise, your computers can become very unobliging and difficult to use.

4. It cannot handle new applications

If your IT system is slow and inefficient, it may not be able to run the latest applications. In order to be able to easily use the apps your business needs, an IT update is required.

5. It’s almost out of memory

When your IT system runs out of memory, it can make an old computer incredibly slow. Not only is this irritating for your employees, but it also affects their progress and productivity.

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IT Upgrade

Is your IT in need of an upgrade?

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