common IT problems

How IT steals your staff’s time and productivity

What happens to your staff when an IT problem stops them from getting on with their work?

IT’s brilliant, right? It can instantly connect us with people on the other side of the world, automate complex operations and even put the kettle on for us remotely so we can make a nice hot cuppa when we get in from work.

But what happens when it goes wrong? In our new guide, we look at the most common IT problems that waste your staff’s time, and how to prevent most problems from happening in the first place.

When your computer system is down, most businesses find that even the most committed staff in the world will jump at the chance for a little bit of relaxation time. So when computers aren’t doing their job many employees use it as an excuse to down tools and have a chat. Which loses your business money.

If you’ve got a few minutes, we created a new video about how IT can steal your staff’s time, and why it makes sense to take a preventative approach to IT.

Minimal downtime, less chatting and more getting things done

That’s why we’re here. Whenever any of our clients call us with a little, simple problem; we take it just as seriously as the big ones. We understand how something relatively minor like a broken printer can really affect productivity. And if there’s something more serious going on like a computer virus, network crash or loss of data you could find yourself losing serious amounts of your staff’s time… and money!

That’s why we’ve written this new guide about how IT steals your staff’s time and productivity, and how to prevent 99% of the problems before they happen. Download it for free today!

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Our preventative approach means we can fix many issues before you’re even aware of them and will get everything back up and running as fast as possible when there is an issue. If you need help running your IT please contact us today.