How To Defend Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks

Cyber Attack, Don’t Panic! How to handle the situation should you become a victim

What would you do if your business was the victim of cyber-attack? How would you handle the situation?  The BBC’s Technology correspondent Mark Ward recently published a great article describing what it could be like to be a victim of a rogue cyber-attack.

It’s essential reading for small businesses (read it in full here), because of how it addresses the typical real-life scenario of events that play out following a serious data breach and highlights how easy it is for businesses without a robust IT security strategy in place to become victims.

The Key Do’s & Don’ts

Our team at Dragon IS have delved into the scenario as described in the Blink Wink’s head office and highlighted our own Do’s and Don’ts of the case, how the individuals should have acted and where the mistakes were made. You can download a free PDF copy below:

Steps To Take

At Dragon IS, we can protect your organisation and data from such an attack with a robust IT security plan which includes:

  1. A step-by-step data breach plan
  2. Allocated roles and responsibilities for designated employees
  3. Ensuring all employees are familiar with the plan, updates and contact persons
  4. Training of employees – so they can identify threats
  5. Methodology to collect evidence for the Information Commissioner when the breach is reported
  6. A Cyber-insurance provider is engaged by the client

How Dragon IS Keep You Secure

Should one of our clients experience such a data breach, as the Managed Service Provider we will:

  • Investigate and identify where the demand/ransomware came from
  • Ensure we contain infected devices and get them offline
  • Immediately assess the machines that have been affected
  • Work with the client to restore lost data from back-ups
  • Work with the client to inform customers if their data has been compromised
  • Have a plan in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Interested To Know More?

If you’d like Dragon IS to help you with your IT security strategy, please contact us today!

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