GDPR advice for small businesses

Is IT outsourcing dead?

Outsourcing is a common business practice that is particularly popular amongst small and medium sized companies, for whom it can make great financial sense when compared to hiring an in-house team.
But has the pandemic changed things?


With the easing of lockdown restrictions, many businesses have fully embraced remote working, allowing employees to retain a greater level of flexibility for the long term. Some have opted for a hybrid model, with a split between office and home-based working, while others have given up on having an office all together.

This migration towards remote working and its impact on company operations, means a question mark now hangs over the need for outsourcing. Functions such as catering, maintenance, security and cleaning, for example, which are commonly subcontracted out to private suppliers, have all being called into question.

However, one area that will remain unaffected is IT outsourcing. Unlike other location dependant industries, IT support remains a vital business function – no matter where or how a company decides to operate.

Indeed, as well as having an important role to play in supporting businesses to rebuild and recover in a post-Covid world, specialist IT support services can ensure that any new ways of working are done so in a secure and efficient way, with technology being used to streamline processes and boost productivity.


A way to save money on IT resource

When the pandemic took hold and the threat to life was fully recognised, entire countries went into lockdown. Britain was no exception, spending more than a year in some form of locked down state, with restrictions still in place at the time of writing.

While this intervention had a positive impact on disrupting the spread of the virus, businesses were forced to close their doors, and in some cases, had to suspend their entire operations. Those who were unable to switch to remote working, or who were unprepared for doing so, suddenly found themselves in very hot water.

One of the major advantages of IT outsourcing versus employing people in-house is the chance to have access to a team of professionals, at a far lower cost. This is a huge benefit, especially for companies who need to find ways to save money in the wake of a post-pandemic profit slump.

For the cost of hiring just one IT professional in-house, IT outsourcing allows you to have an entire team of qualified IT experts supporting your business, who are up to date on the latest technologies, threats and opportunities. You don’t have to provide them with company benefits like a pension, sick pay, maternity leave or private healthcare, nor include them in your employer’s liability insurance, so there are even greater cost savings to be made.


A guaranteed way to stay compliant and secure

Businesses have a legal duty to protect any personal data they may collect, store or handle, as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ensuring your business is operating inside of the law is vital. In most organisations, it is the IT function that will manage the infrastructure needed to ensure these obligations are met.

Were a business to fail in its duty, the financial penalties for non-compliance can be severe, so it really is essential to ensure your business handles customer data correctly – something an outsourced IT company is perfectly placed to help you with.

Entrusting your in-house IT to a professional IT supplier is the perfect way to ensure your business complies with all its data protection responsibilities and operates inside of the law. You benefit from the expertise of a team with extensive and up-to-date knowledge of data protection laws, who can put in place the necessary processes to ensure you are compliant.

This includes protecting your IT systems against the risk of cyberattacks that may compromise sensitive information you hold on your servers. Were a breach to occur, and customer data be leaked, your business would ultimately be answerable and liable, so it’s essential to never cut corners when it comes to your IT security; particularly if your business allows employees to access its servers remotely.


Expert support if your IT systems fail 

Technology has really proven its worth over the last year, providing a vital means for employees to collaborate but also to serve customers and do their jobs effectively.

If something were to go wrong, then quick and timely action is essential, to minimise any potential downtime. Which is another reason that outsourcing your IT can provide a valuable return on investment.

For example. In the case of outsourcing your IT to the team here at Dragon IS, you would simply contact the helpdesk and our team would help resolve any issue as quickly as possible. We would also be constantly maintaining and upgrading your systems, to minimise the risk of problems even occurring.

For most small to medium companies, having this level of professional IT support is simply not cost effective fulltime, but with IT outsourcing you can affordably engage the IT expertise your business needs at a level enjoyed by much larger competitors. And, as technology becomes even more ingrained in the way we do business, having dedicated IT support you can call on becomes an even more valuable asset.


How much does it cost to outsource your IT?

IT outsourcing is hands down more cost effective than internally recruiting but an exact cost per month depends entirely on what you’d need included as part of your retainer.

The best thing to do is give us a call. We can chat to you in more detail about the types of IT solutions and services we can provide to your business, and offer an accurate estimate based on your company’s specific IT needs.

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