Charlie engineer at Dragon Information Systems

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Charlie - Our Technical Support Engineer

Meet Charlie, one of our engineers here at Dragon, who has a passion for customer service and a love of all things sports. Here he gives us an insight into his typical day.


How did you first get into IT?

Before I moved into the IT industry I was doing something completely different – I was actually a carpenter within the family business. But long term it just wasn’t for me, so I decided to pursue a career in IT support instead. I’ve always had an interest in technology and enjoy the customer service side of things, so it was a natural step.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

I joined the team at Dragon last year and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a nice environment to work in and I’m part of a close-knit team. The guys I’m working with have a lot of experience and I’m learning a huge amount from them. They’re very approachable and friendly with it.

I like being in this industry as it’s so fast-moving and I’m learning new things every day. I also enjoy the customer service aspect and get great satisfaction from interacting with customers and helping them.


What’s a typical day like?

I cover the early shift, so I start at 8am and finish at 4.30pm.

While no two days are ever the same, I will typically spend my time taking calls, booking appointments and helping to resolve customer tickets.

If a customer has a problem or request they will log a ticket with us, either over the phone, by email or via a client portal. All the tickets are then added to a queue. This could be anything from letting us know they need a new workstation setting up, to the internet going down and other more serious issues.

We respond to all tickets within 2hours and will work closely with each customer to resolve their query as quickly as possible. Sometimes this means going out to a customer’s premises at a convenient time for them, but generally most things are managed remotely.


What’s the most challenging thing?

Good question…James, the service desk manager at Dragon, likes to challenge me from time-to-time. He’ll give me a more difficult task to manage that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. It’s a great feeling to work out the solution and as a result, my skills are increasing all the time.


Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

I’ve always been a big family man and spend a lot of time with my family and partner outside of work. I’m also hugely into my football and watch my team Liverpool as much as I can – which is a particular pleasure this season! Fitness is something I’m also passionate about, so you’ll find me in the gym most days, lifting weights.


Something we’d never guess about you?

Something you’d probably never guess about me is that I was a competitive tennis player back in the day – ranked within the top 10 for Northamptonshire!

As a teenager, I’d be training multiple times a week around school, then spending 8 hours a day practising during the holidays. That may sound a lot but at the time I loved it and the training never felt like a chore. I also did quite well in tournaments, including one called ‘Road to Wimbledon’, although sadly I never took the top spot in that one and got to play there. All good fun though and kept me out of mischief.