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Moving to the cloud? Don’t forget to protect your data

With more businesses now realising the benefits of cloud computing (flexibility, disaster recovery, increased collaboration, lower costs, the ability to work from anywhere, etc.), it is becoming increasingly common for companies to fully move their operations to the cloud.

A vital part of this process is protecting your business’s data. Cloud computing can involve risks to data that you did not encounter previously, such as those relating to data ‘in transit’ and remote access, and accidental destruction of data due to the loss of an encryption key.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has released guidelines – ‘Guidance on the use of cloud computing’ – to help data controllers ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 when their business moves to the cloud.

You can read the full guidance here ››

The guidelines discuss questions and approaches that a business should consider, alongside its chosen cloud provider, to make sure it complies with the DPA. An example is checking a provider’s terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you will have control over the data.

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