Top Technology Trends 2017

The Top Technology Trends for 2017

The rising tech trends for 2017 have been predicted by the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner and other market research firms, and they all point towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) leading the way when it comes to technology investment and services. Dragon IS Managing Director Lionel Naidoo rounds up his Top 7 Technology Trends for 2017…

1. AI Development

2017 will be the year that defines AI. Over the coming 12 months we will see the most noticeable advancements in AI thanks to big investments on software and machine learning from the likes of Google and Microsoft. Major improvements to certain applications and services will become apparent this year such as Google’s AI infused analytics and Google’s Translation services. AI will also have massive impacts on most of the other big tech trends of 2017, most noticeably.

2. Internet of Things (IOT)

With the advancement of AI you’ll see a huge growth and improvement in the quality of Intelligent Things (IOTs). Intelligent Things are discreet devices which are internet connected. Intelligence will be embedded into everything with more sensors and better hardware hidden behind the scenes. From the IOT in your car to your electric toothbrush, AI development will really move this area on.

3. Virtual Assistants

AI will make Virtual Assistants become more intelligent. A great example of how the VA has moved on is the growth of voice control services and devices on the market. Amazon Echo and Google Home are two such devices – basically a hands-free speaker you control with your voice which connects to your voice services. VAs like Google Home now allow you to speak to all of your devices in your home – your laptop, phone and intelligent devices – so you can play your music, check what’s in your diary or even order your shopping – just by asking.

4. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Immersing yourself into a virtual world will become a big thing in 2017. After several false starts since the 1980s, this is finally going to be the year that Virtual Reality makes it into the mainstream. With Oculus Rift and the new HoloLens due for release by Microsoft the tools to enjoy VR and AR will herald new opportunities for the worlds of work and entertainment.

5. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology stems from Bitcoin and cryptographics. It creates an open ledger where technology transactions can be monitored of millions of different devices as a way of distributing the information and keeping it true in the digital age. Once written into ledger your transactions are recorded. It could transform the financial world by providing non-transferable and reliable data.

6. Adaptive Security Systems

As security systems adapt to AI and Intelligent Things, Security Systems will become more heuristic and AI smart. New security systems will be able to identify new threats based on familiar behaviour and patterns and as a result security systems will be able to develop ways of protecting itself. Adaptive security architecture is set to be embedded into all Firewalls, next generation anti-virus products and spam and malware detection software over the next 12 months.

7. Chatbots

There is a lot of buzz around chatbots and conversational interfaces right now and it’s only likely to get louder. Chatbots will become more intelligent in 2017 as they are integrated into AI systems and devices. By this time next year could you be be logging online to chat to your GP’s chatbot before making an appointment?

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