10 of The Best Blogs on Productivity

Staying productive at work is an increasingly difficult task, what with constant potential distractions from your inbox, phone, social media accounts and colleagues. But, with our Power of Productivity series, we’ve been helping you implement productivity tricks and get rid of common time wasters to get more out of the working day.

In this final post of the series, we round up 10 of our favourite productivity blogs – many of which inspired us while we created this series, and all of which offer invaluable advice to help you keep on track!

1. Clare Evans

Clare is a UK-based Time Management and Productivity Coach and author of the book Time Management for Dummies. You might have come across Clare from her recent guest blog for our Power of Productivity series, Top four time wasters killing your productivity.

The posts on Clare’s blog offer practical productivity advice on specific topics, such as using journals and planners, getting enough sleep, and changing your working habits when you’re busy. Each blog is a self-contained masterclass on what you need to change in order to be more productive, and you’ll definitely come away with tips that you can implement today.

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2. Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, author and blogger, and is well known for his thoughts on business and marketing. His blog is more than 10 years’ old and he has written 19 bestsellers. Seth frequently touches on productivity, from his notion of the productivity pyramid and the place of productivity in the digital age to knowing what time of day you’re most productive. Seth’s influential blog posts, interviews and other materials have inspired a generation when it comes to leadership, being productive and focusing on what matters.

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3. Lifehacker UK

Lifehacker UK is a website that focuses on tips and tricks for being more productive – both at work and in everyday life. By boosting the overall efficiency of your approach to tasks, you will naturally apply your new productivity habits to each area of your life. It posts daily tips, features, productivity guides, round-ups and downloads to help you change one thing at a time. Before you know it, you will have eliminated multiple unproductive habits that, when put together, make you more productive overall.

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4. Lifehack

Lifehack is all about breaking down potentially complicated challenges into simple, easy-to-implement actions. It’s not about finding a quick fix – Lifehack focuses on advice that can help you make truly sustainable changes in your life and work. The blog covers topics such as finding the best productivity journal, organising notes to stay on top of things and changing your working habits. We particularly like this site because each of the posts is so in-depth, providing useful, actionable guidance rather than just discussing a topic.

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Barking Up The Wrong Tree is different from a lot of other productivity blogs because it’s all about scientific and evidence-based facts and tips. Eric Barker, who founded and runs it, is interested in the science of productivity and performance, and questioning what we think we know about success. His blogs focus on topics such as how to stop wasting time on the internet and how to build good habits – the answers to which are all derived from research, of course. We like the nature of constant questioning that Eric brings to his content, which is why it’s a must-read for anyone looking to make truly effective changes.

Read Barking Up The Wrong Tree ››


Adobe’s 99U is more of a work culture blog than a productivity blog. However, it does provide some potentially life-changing tips. It’s designed for creatives generally, but has a super productivity section that is applicable to everyone, covering topics such as not letting emails eat up your day. What makes the posts so effective is that they are relatable – they discuss scenarios or mindsets that we’re all familiar with in our daily jobs and provide clear-cut tips for changing your habits so that you can stop distracting yourself at work.

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Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a blogger, speaker and New York Times bestselling author. His blog is focused on helping high achievers boost their productivity so that, ultimately, they can be the best of the best at their job and have more time for their personal and family life. He uses his own personal experiences of being an overwhelmed high achiever to provide advice on gaining clarity, confidence and focus through the right tools, habits and mindsets. His blogs cover topics like why you should nap every day and how to become a morning person.

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zen habits

zen habits is a blog about finding simplicity within the chaos of daily living and working. It focuses on mindset and habit changes that enable you to become more positive, grounded and, therefore, productive in work and life. Topics include everything from teaching yourself to stop procrastinating and using meditation to bring calm into your daily workload to why fear can stop you from pursuing meaningful work. The zen habits blog has more than one million readers and is a useful resource for tranquillity in today’s busy, stressful working life.

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The 4-Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss, author of the hugely successful book The 4-Hour Workweek, runs a blog that extends the themes written about in his book – namely, productivity, and using it to achieve a healthier work-life balance. From pushing yourself to work within your allotted work time and not letting your personal life slide as a result of unproductive working, to handling information overload and the benefits of saying ‘no’ from time to time. Tim is able to provide a fresh perspective on challenges that many of us are faced with on a daily basis.

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Time Management Ninja

This blog is about time management, productivity and goal setting. Full of tips about technology and tools that you can use to help you do this, as well as thoughts about why you need to change certain elements of your time management and goal setting processes to boost your productivity. For example, should your to-do list be on your phone or on paper, and how should your to-do list be constructed? The overall aim of the blog is to help you get some time back so that you can focus on what’s important and, ultimately, get more done.

Read TimeManagementNinja.com ››

So, there you have it: 10 of our favourite productivity blogs. We hope you’ve found our Power of Productivity series useful and that you’ve taken away some handy tips and tricks.

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