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Common Misconceptions About Cyber Security in Small Businesses

In May 2017, manufacturer Talbros (an SME) was hit by the same WannaCry attack as the NHS. The ransomware encrypted its data and demanded bitcoins in return for access to it.

Like many small businesses, Talbros thought they wouldn’t be affected by cyber-crime because they had robust security in place. But it’s a misconception that this is enough – you need to regularly review your data security so that you can rectify any weaknesses.

Your small business is more hackable than you realise. Here are some common misconceptions that could be putting your business at risk …

Cyber threats are always external

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Most data breaches are due to an internal error – such as an employee innocently clicking a dodgy link or opening an infected attachment.

Nobody could ever guess my password

They could, actually. Cyber criminals can figure out passwords with relative ease, especially if they contain words or numbers that mean something to you. With this in mind, you can imagine the disaster that would occur if a hacker worked out your password and you’d used the same one for all your account.

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I’m safe from viruses because I only open emails from people I know

But would you recognise a fake email from someone you know? You’d like to think so, but cyber attackers are masters at finding out who you communicate with and replicating the intricate details of their email account.

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It’s easy to spot an infected computer

Viruses and malware don’t all work in the same way. While some can cause your computer to slow down and make it obvious that there’s a problem, others remain undetected while stealing sensitive information.

Cyber security is an expense I can’t afford

Cyber security is not as expensive as you might think – and, anyway, it’s an investment. The money you spend on protecting your data will keep costs down the long run, as rectifying a data breach can be hugely expensive. Implementing Cyber Essentials could be your first step.

So, there you have it: just some of the most common misconceptions about cyber security. If you feel like it’s time to address your business’s IT security and develop your security plan, we can help. Contact us today.

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