Getting things done with Office 365 On-The-Go Tools

They say time is money, and anyone who’s serious about Getting Things Done knows all about the importance of time management.

Often the biggest issue is team productivity. Time management is a major issue in most businesses.

Thankfully Office 365 is packed with a ton of productivity boosting tools to make things easier and more efficient.

We take a look at five great “on-the-go” tips that can help you and your staff get more done, in less time.

1. Take and transfer business calls on the go with Skype for Business

We’ve all felt the pain of being stuck in meetings that over-run, making us late for the next. Skype for business allows you to leave the boardroom and continue the conversation on your mobile, so you can keep to your schedule without any drama. You can also transfer calls to another person or number if
you need to delegate. Skype for Business is slowly being phased out, to be replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Watch the video and discover how easy it is, or read Microsoft’s quick guide here.

2. Sync your files with OneDrive or SharePoint

Even the most mobile-obsessed among us lose connectivity from time to time, but that doesn’t have to mean work grinds to a halt when the train passes through a tunnel. OneDrive and SharePoint allow users to work offline, automatically syncing them back to the server as soon as a connection becomes available.

Watch the video and discover how easy it is, or read Microsoft’s quick guide for OneDrive here. And SharePoint here.

3. Save anything to your phone with Office Lens

This handy capture app is an add-on that turns any mobile device into a pocket scanner and works in perfect harmony with OneNote so all your notes and images are in the same place. Snap diagrams, sketches, labels, info from whiteboards, menus – if you can photograph it, you can use it to compliment your written documents.

Watch the video and discover how easy it is, or read Microsoft’s quick guide for Android here.  And for iOS here.

4. Hold virtual meetings via Skype for Business

Meetings with Skype are instant, efficient and can totally do away with the need to meet in person, face to face.

With Skype, even if there’s a sudden snow storm and nobody can make it into the office, your meeting can still happen. Skype allows you to share screens, send instant messages and collaborate on projects in real time. The best thing about Skype is, depending on your type of license you have, you probably already have it available right at your fingertips.

Watch the video and discover how easy it is, or read Microsoft’s quick guide here. 

5. Revolutionise your team’s to-do lists with Microsoft Planner

Use Microsoft Planner integration within Microsoft Teams to ensure your team (and yourself) is organised, on-task and above all else – streamline collaboration around a project.

Each team member has visibility to who’s working on what, due date, status and details of tasks. So, if one task has exceeded the due date, team members may notice and reach out to assist. Or the reverse, when a task is finished you can see where others may need assistance or are over-tasked and reach out to offer help.

Watch the video and discover how easy it is, or read Microsoft’s quick guide here.

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