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Has Your Business Backed Up Its Data For Christmas?

The festive season is upon us! While your teams may be ready for Secret Santa, the office party and Christmas Jumper Day, there is another important task that your company must prepare for: ensuring that its data is backed up before the Christmas holidays. Doing so will ensure that your data is secure while you and your employees enjoy a well-deserved break.

Why back up your data?

Data is at risk over Christmas, just as it is whenever there is a change in the normal business routine. Unfortunately, with cyber crime on the rise there are even more ways for you to lose important data. If a device is stolen, your system is hacked or gets a virus, or there is a flood, fire or power cut at your office, you could lose a significant amount of data if it’s not backed up. You could also lose data from accidentally deleting a file, or from your hard drive corrupting. And if it’s gone for good you’re at risk of losing a lot of money as well as your business.

Backing up your data regularly (and checking it) is an essential part of basic IT housekeeping – and will be a requirement of all businesses when the new GDPR rules launch in May 2018 – yet it’s the one area that too many businesses fall behind with.


What does backing up involve?

It’s not enough to rely on automated backups, as these can become corrupted or stop backing up your files without you realising! Backing up your data professionally involves creating various copies of encrypted data that are stored remotely – perhaps in the cloud.

By enlisting the help of small-business data experts, you can relax and enjoy the Christmas break – safe in the knowledge that your data will be backed up  and ready for the New Year.

Dragon IS clients can rest assured that all this is taken care of. We’ll back up your data and have our expert teams on-hand to help with Christmas and New Year IT projects.

If you have a question about backing up your data, feel free to contact us at Dragon IS to find out more