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10 Simple Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs

IT security and cyber crime is becoming a critical issue for many small and medium sized businesses. According to the latest estimates, fraud committed by cyber criminals and large-scale scams cost businesses £1.1bn last year and the figure is expected to rise by nearly 40% in 2017.

While large financial institutions and large organisations are increasing their cyber security operations, smaller businesses often lack the in-house resources or skills to introduce and manage an effective cyber security strategy.

If you feel you are not doing enough to protect your business from a cyber attack and you don’t have the in-house resources or skills to manage your cyber security, Dragon IS can help you with cost-effective path to a secure network.

Get Your Team On The Right Path

There are 10 simple steps that all businesses can take towards reducing cyber crime risk. These are:

  1. Understand your business’s Digital Footprint
  2. Protect Information & Network Security
  3. Educate your employees
  4. Back-Ups
  5. Proactive Monitoring
  6. Risk & Disaster Management
  7. Secure your Networks
  8. User Management
  9. Update and Maintain Networks
  10. Secure Mobile Working
Cyber Security Solutions for SMBs

10 Simple Steps To Cyber Security

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