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The IT Tools You Need To Be A Modern Business

For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), up-to-date technology and tools can make all the difference in driving your company ahead. Modernizing your IT can set you apart from your competitors, whatever size they may be. But how do you get there?

First of all you need to review your business priorities. When speaking to our clients, the same concerns come up time and time again: protecting the business from security breaches and business continuity; improving business growth and reducing costs and empowering employees to do business anytime, anywhere.

Finding a complete, flexible, and trusted platform that addresses these concerns, is always up-to-date and spans the entire IT ecosystem can be a tall order. Here we outline the tools every modern business should have in their technology arsenal, from server to cloud, and desktop to mobile devices:

Tools to safeguard your business data

Cybersecurity is a prime concern and every business owner wants the confidence to know that their data is protected. Disaster recovery management is a must-have in this day and age and you need reliable tools that can get your business back up and running in minutes should the unexpected happen.

  • Advanced data encryption, built-in across your IT systems and devices
  • Up-to-date anti-malware protection
  • Automated back-ups and disaster recovery
  • Cloud services that are compliant with industry standards
IT Tools for Business

Tools to work and grow easier

To work efficiently and grow you business, you want flexible technology that lets your business adapt quickly and be responsive to change. Cost is also a big concern, every business we speak to these days is looking to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT systems.

  • Apps that can be activated on demand
  • Data storage that can be scaled up (or down)
  • Easy access to your latest files, synchronised across all device
  • A range of up-to-date devices & upgrades suitable for your business and budget
Working remotely Office 365

Tools to help you work better together

We all want more flexibility to get our work done wherever we choose, whether in the office, at home, or on the road. To capitalise on the benefits of a mobile workforce, there are some tools businesses need today.

  • Apps that allow you to work across your favourite devices
  • Easy remote access to all business apps and from any device
  • Private social networks to connect with your team and work together anywhere
Office 365 Tools

The Products Our Clients Already Know

At Dragon IS we recommend Office 365 as the best-in-class productivity tool for SMBs. With Office 365 you can choose the solutions that address your business goals, whether growing sales, increasing efficiency, enabling a mobile workforce, or keeping data protected.  Furthermore, it’s a platform many of the systems our customers are familiar with, including:

Microsoft Word
Skype for Business
microsoft excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Powerpoint
One drive for business

Change doesn’t have to come with a huge amount of additional training and costs or related business disruptions. Choose the right technology and your business will be more than prepared ready to face the future and react quickly to changing business needs.

Get a fresh perspective on your IT needs

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