How easy is it to change IT provider?

Changing IT provider is something many companies assume will be a headache. This means they put up with poor service and poor results for far longer than they need to – often leaving it until there is a major incident and the damage has been done.


But the good news is, making the switch is actually a very straightforward process.


At Dragon, customers regularly join us who have been unhappy with a previous provider. For example, they may not have received value for money, the response times may have been poor, or the systems implemented weren’t up to scratch. In most cases, trust and confidence are lacking.


With every new customer we will go through a comprehensive onboarding process that is designed to minimise disruption and make the whole experience of working with us as smooth and efficient as possible. Here is an insight into what that process entails, along with answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.


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What does it entail?

The onboarding process begins with a thorough audit of existing infrastructure. Once we have completed our audit, we will then discuss with you any changes and upgrades that need to be made. The changeover will then be completed at an agreed time – one which will cause as little disruption to the business as possible, such as at the weekend.


How long does the process take?

The time needed to complete the changeover will depend on the size of the company and its existing infrastructure. It may take a day, or it may take several days. For the size of business we typically work with, the average is three days.


How much time and input are needed from the company?

Very little. Our onboarding checklist is very comprehensive and will be completed by our engineers with little input required from the company. Our aim is to always minimise potential disruption by ensuring we have all the information we need, so there are no surprises or hold ups down the line.


How much does it cost?

Once a timeframe and plan has been put together, a cost for the changeover will be agreed before any work is undertaken. At Dragon, we aim to provide companies with the best bespoke solutions but pay great consideration to each companies budget. If there are any issues and the process happens to take longer than expected, then we do not charge for any extra time incurred.


What happens next?

Every member of staff with be presented with an onboarding card, which includes simple instructions for how to contact us directly. This means they can come straight to us if they need anything. As we operate on a cost-per-user basis, there will never be any additional charges for tickets raised.

Our agents will have remote access to every machine meaning that as much as possible can be fixed remotely, helping get staff back up and running as quickly as possible.


Who does Dragon work with?

We work with SME organisations from a broad range of industries, including accountancy practices, barristers’ chambers, law firms and estate agents.  We also support schools, trade associations and charitable trusts.


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